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Yume Morimoto

Yume Morimoto is the Editor in Chief of BGU, and her work ranges from writing, editing, translating, to running our Instagram account. An avid promoter of feminism and equality, her ambitions are enormous, and so is her scope. She puts much emphasis on speaking to individuals, however, and has spoken to many of our followers in person. Oscar Wilde once said, "Be yourself; everyone is already taken". She truly believes in self love and acceptance as a prime catalyst for making change. A lover of art, film, food, and wine, Yume is a down-to-earth leader type, pulling the team together for the ride.

email: b.g.u.befree@gmail.com

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Daigo Sugiyama

Daigo Sugiyama is a senior editor, translator, and writer for BGU Magazine. Currently in New York, his main concentration of writing is fiction, with a couple of publications through Angles, the department journal of his alma-mater Sophia University. His passion in capturing the "individuals of the world" resonates throughout all his work. Freshly with an MFA in Creative Writing in fiction, he is working on his next great project.

email: daigosugiyama323@gmail.com



Eri is translator and editor for B.G.U. From her experience of living in Japan as ethnically mixed, she fostered a wide interest in culture and language. Through working on BGU, Eri has had the opportunity to educate herself by meeting new people and reading more into feminism. Eri believes we must not forget to have compassion for one another and never stop learning. 

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Rikuo Kanda

Rikuo Kanda recently graduated St. Mary’s College of Maryland with a degree in English, philosophy, and music addiction. When he is neither writing/editing for BGU, nor hiding in his vinyl collection, he is definitely eating. You can follow his melodic adventures and occasional outbursts about Major League Baseball on twitter (@rikuokanda).


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Makoto has contributed to BGU through illustration, promotion, design, and modeling. Makoto wants to continue expressing their identity as X gender & bisexual/pansexual through B.G.U. & beyond. Despite entering university to obtain a degree in chemistry, they soon realized that wasn't the path for them, and is currently pursuing fashion & is a pharmacist on the side. Through interacting with customers, they are realizing the importance of human communication which is reflected in their work in promoting the zine. Their motto in life are the Japanese expressions "後悔先に立たず(no use crying over spilt milk), and "10人10色"(For each their own).


Myriam Tsuda

Myriam Tsuda is a translator and editor for BGU Magazine. She was born and raised in Japan, and is a recent graduate of the University of East Anglia in the UK. She is currently working in London. Through living in the UK, she has realised the importance of self-love, identity, and feminism. She is never going to let people tell her that she is "NOT JAPANESE"!


Risako Itokawa

Risako has been an avid writer from a young age, writing anything and everything that went on in her life. After studying at a university filled with diversity, she has now shifted her focus on exposing and writing about the small question marks in life.