A New Beginning

I always search “can’t do simple tasks” on the web. After every search, the top hit is an online ADHD test. I check off the qualities that apply to me. The result is the same as it always is: “possibility of ADHD: likely.”

Looking For: Connection

I would be given a specific role to play. A type of gay to be. It was my socially understood position in queer society. Free of ambiguity; yet again stereotyped.

It's Time

In the middle of Tokyo walks a girl, her head held high, the sunlight reflecting off her pitch black shades matching her skirt, her boots, her hair.


Are men really being masculine of their own will? Is it out of will, or obligation that men become the breadwinners of their family?

Girl Power

It's time, boys and girls, women and men alike should stop using/saying/accepting the power of girls/women as being able to look attractive and be helpful.